“Industrial” Category Ergo-link™ Mannequins are designed to provide both spatial and visual context regarding industrial vehicles & equipment. This mannequin configuration includes a typical hard hat, safety vest, heavier trousers, boots, and knee pads. The added equipment provides a more robust ensemble for use in designing or evaluating heavy and off-road vehicles and construction equipment including:

  • Construction Equipment & Cabs
  • Heavy truck Cabs & Sleepers
  • Cranes & Excavators
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Industrial, Electrical, and Mechanical Equipment
  • System Controls Equipment
  • Transportation, Recreational, and Service & Accessible Vehicles

The “Industrial” Category Ergo-link™ include full articulation, vision cones with normal & extended reach zones for controls placement, critical visual access, and all physical interfaces.

Ergo-Link™ Human 3D CAD Models Users Guide
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Industrial Mannequin Download File Size: 45mb
Compatible with SolidWorks 2007 and newer.
Not all the mannequin equipment and information is included.

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