Ergo-link™ 3-D Human CAD Mannequin Models Solidworks Human Cad Models

Ergo-link 3-D Human CAD Mannequin Models

Human Factors Engineering – Industrial Design – CAD – E-M Engineering:
SolidWorks Human Cad Models



  Categories: Industrial, Consumer, Commercial, Medical, Military & Bundle

  Define & optimize diverse workstations, vehicles & products with field-proven credibility & accuracy.
  Develop detailed anthropometric layout options directly useable for client/customer presentations.
  Diverse clothing & equipment selections based on occupational duties & safety requirements
  Complies with MIL-Std 1472 Military Requirements (NATICK Labs physical study data).
  Intuitive cursor-controlled positioning, reach/limb movement boundaries.
  Significantly reduced learning curve, iterations, schedules & related costs. 


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