Ergo-link™ 3-D Human CAD Mannequin Models

Ergo-link™ 3-D Human CAD Mannequin Models

Ergo-link™ CAD Mannequins are configured for all markets & industries including military to:

  • Clearly define the full percentile range of user/assembler/maintainer interfaces.
  • Create/update to accurate, efficient, safe & diverse workstations & human environments.
  • Eliminate design iterations, reduce lengthy project schedules & related cost.
  • Enhance visual interpretation of anthropometric/dimensional layouts in section & from any angle.
  • Provide CAD-direct images of HF layouts for evaluation/review presentations in full context.

Ergo-link™ CAD Mannequin Features:

• CAD Mannequins – SolidWorks
• Quality visual human characteristics
• U.S. 5th Female thru 95th Male percentile range
• Statistically dimensioned to U.S. military population data
• Articulate at each joint (including head, neck, fingers, etc.)
• Primary & secondary vision cones
• Normal & extended reach envelopes
• SRP (Seat Reference Point) location (see User Guide)
• Highly intuitive, simple to position, and articulate

Ergo-link™ Presentation Quality Head Options Available:

Realistic & Diverse Solid Model Human Heads 5F / 95M / Teens / Children

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