“Basic” Category Ergo-link™ 3-D Human Factors Engineering CAD Mannequins include body parts that can be colored or offset to simulate clothing. The “Basic” Category can be utilized to complete rapid and simple anthropometric layouts, evaluataion, and presentations including:

  • Workstation development.
  • Product design for all industries.
  • Workstation concept configuration guidance and integrating component requirements to anthropometric layouts.
  • Upgrade of products, vehicles & equipment ergonomic evaluations for assembly, installation, and maintenance access.
  • Creating and directly extrapolating CAD model illustrations for vehicle, product, and equipment brochures and operator/maintenance manuals.

The “Basic” Ergo-link™ Mannequins include full articulation, vision cones with normal & extended reach zones for controls placement, critical visual access, and all physical interfaces.

Ergo-Link™ Human 3D CAD Models Users Guide
NOTE: You will have access to download the file 2 times. If your download fails both times, please contact us.
Basic Mannequin Download File Size: 27mb
Compatible with SolidWorks 2007 and newer.
Not all the mannequin equipment and information is included.

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